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Nutritious recipes

Find here nutritious and easy to prepare recipes

Very easy and nutritious for breakfast

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Nutritious recipes: Fit banana cake

If you are looking for a healthy and nutritious breakfast option


Nutritious recipes: Quinoa chaufa wit ...

Quinoa stands out for its high nutritional value since it contains carbohydrat …

The solterito is a cold dish, typical from Arequipa

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Nutritious recipes: Papa a la Huancaina (Huancayo-Style Potatoes) with maca ...

Consuming maca optimizes our physical and mental health, reduces stress and strengthens our body’s defenses


Nutritious recipes: Broccoli flan

Broccoli provides a wide variety of vitamins and minerals and helps to strengthen our immune system

Ají de pollo is a flagship dish from our Peruvian cuisine

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Nutritious recipes: Lettuce wraps

An easy and very healthy recipe to prepare. Ideal for patients who want to red …


Nutritious recipes: Zucchini noodles ...

Today we bring you an excellent option to replace the flour pasta

Books, movies, series, and games. The entertainment industry, increasingly,

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Nutritious recipes: Healthy tequeños

This is a healthy option to prepare the traditional tequeños without frying them


Nutritious recipes: Lentil burgers

This recipe is an option for the whole family and vegetarians

Waking up at dawn or having insomnia. It is difficult to rest properly when you live in an environment

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Nutritious recipes: Nutritious nougat ...

These nougats are very special for our little ones at home


Nutritious recipes: Mushroom Ceviche

Mushrooms have multiple benefits, and one of them is they provide proteins

Just over a week has passed since the mandatory social isolation began

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Nutritious recipes: Chickpea hummus

Chickpeas are rich in slow absorbing carbohydrates (ideal for patients suffering from diabetes)


Coronavirus and asthmatics

As we know, Covid-19 is an infectious disease and one of the most common

As cases of COVID-19 spread grow, concern and panic seem to increase in some people

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Coronavirus | What sequelae remain in ...

The COVID-19 pandemic has paralyzed much of the world and hundreds of thousand …


Functional optimization in quarantine ...

Videos: Functional optimization in quarantine for patients

Debemos considerar que los alimentos que enviamos no se malogren ni fermenten

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Diabetic patients and their diet

Patients suffering from diabetes have trouble digesting carbohydrates


Coronavirus: precautions you should take if you are pregnant

The coronavirus disease in the country is increasing together with uncertainty

The value of deserving things is essential for your child to be an independent and autonomous adult

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Emotional and mental health during qu ...

The state of emergency decreed by our Government has impacted the labor


Guidelines to strengthen the immune s ...

Our body is continuously exposed to the attack of bacteria, viruses, and fungi …

Pregnancy is a stage full of mixed feelings and great changes in the body…

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The importance of handwashing

It is not only efficient to prevent contagion by coronavirus, but for many other diseases


Foot heat and mycosis

Heat, perspiration, and some errors in personal care lead to the formation of fungi

On Halloween night you will take your child trick-or-treating…

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Keeping the flame of love alive

For couple relationships to be healthy, signs of love must be continuous and


Tips to deal with a teenager

Nuestra especialista comparte algunas recomendaciones para esta etapa

In the last month, the “Joker” has become a success…

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The truth about acute appendicitis in children

If we have not suffered appendicitis, we know someone who has suffered it


Leukemia in adults

Who are the most likely to develop leukemia?

How to relieve muscle pain in children?

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A study brings new hope for cancer ma ...

Learn more about this study that could favor many patients


Irritant conjunctivitis

It is produced by the excess of chlorine or the presence of other chemical

Both are a good choice. It is a matter of tastes and needs

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Vaginal candidiasis: Frequent infection during summer

The intimate area of women is quite delicate and during summer


Jellyfish stings should be treated quickly

Jellyfish are marine animals with a jelly-like body and parachute shape

In recent years, Hormone Replacement Therapy has gained strength and more women are already using it

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The truth about breastfeeding in the ...

The World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding during the fi …


Hangover: origin, symptoms and false ...

Many may have woke up experiencing fatigue, nausea, and headache

When a loved one dies, adults experience grief in different ways…

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Protection under the sun

Sepa de que manera cuidar la piel durante la temporada de verano


Tips to Avoid Pre-Christmas Stress

December has already started with the daily rush that usually leaves us breathless

Sugar daddy is a very popular term nowadays

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What is Narcolepsy?

What are the causes and treatment for this condition?


Against prejudice

Que la presión familiar ni social sea una barrera para seguir tu verdadera voc …

There is no celebration without food. This is very true in Peru…

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Pregnancy at 40

Many people say that pregnancy over 35 carries a greater risk…


Breast Self-Exam

Breast self-exam is one way for women to learn to know their body…

Not all older adults have the same attitude towards life…

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Eye Care Tips

How to know if my child is having visual difficulties?


New ways to fight cancer

Although cancer is the leading cause of death in the country…

It is very common for young people and their parents to start asking themselves several questions about

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Pathologies in newborns

A frequent pathology among male newborns is that of the undescended testes…


Clínica Ricardo Palma among the best in Latin America

Clínica Ricardo Palma has been ranked No. 1 among private health institutions in Peru…

Alarming figures were shown during the forum where only 2.1% of people presenting this…

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8 things you should know about varico ...

Varicose veins are dysfunctional veins characterized by being tortuous and…


Exercises for memory

There is no ideal age to start exercising memory, it must always be done…

Personal appearance can make a difference when looking for a job…

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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a non-invasive method that crosses…


How to explain to children that stealing is wrong? Set limits since childho ...

If children come home from school and colors, toys or some other objects…

If you thought there’s no food that can replace milk regarding calcium content…

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Probiotics: an option for lactose int ...

Milk is very present in our daily diet, but today there are more people who fe …


Elderly care

What healthy habits should elderly people have?

Learn more of this disease that affects mostly men…

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How to help children sleep alone?

Getting children to sleep alone in their rooms is not always easy…


Prevent pneumonia

At this time of the year, you have to be especially careful with pneumonia

Fruits are important in the diet of any adult…

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Food according to age

La ingesta de proteínas varía dependiendo de la etapa en la que se encuentra l …


What causes sudden nosebleeds?

El sangrado es bastante común, a veces ocurre debido a irritaciones menores

The charts of malnutrition is due to lack of professionals in nutritional support

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Six out of ten Peruvians at risk of developing some type of cancer due to o ...

Excess fat triggers breast, prostate, colorectal, pancreas and esophageal cancer


Four reasons to avoid self-medication

Medicines are chemicals; therefore, not only they can have beneficial effects on your body…

There are alternatives that will allow you to avoid stomach discomforts…

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Facial paralysis

What are the causes and symptoms of Bell’s palsy?


Benefits of breastfeeding

Breast milk is the most complete food that babies can receive

Take the following precautions and avoid irritated skin…

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Senile dementia

It is a disease that causes serious deterioration of the patient’s memory and interferes…


Red Alert

Nosebleeds can be worrying. The same happens if you see blood after coughing…

More than 90% of cervical cancer cases are caused by…

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Sports promotes values in your child

Certainly, football promotes many personal values such as humility and friends …


Keep your throat healthy

How to prevent and treat pharyngitis on time?

All you need to know to avoid bad habits that affect your health…

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If the skin is constantly renewing itself, why don’t moles and freckl ...

The skin has its own renewal cycle…


Prevent technological deafness

How to prevent this type of deafness in young people?

A balanced diet can work wonders for your body,..

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Chucaque: Does it help to relieve hea ...

When your head hurts, probably you’ve been told to carry out the chucaque to r …


Donate Life

Blood donation can save many lives

In the past few days, the heat sensation has increased considerably…

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The importance of underarm skin care

Why the skin of this area change?


Clínica Ricardo Palma acquires advanced technology videoscopes

State-of-the-art equipment facilitates intubations obtaining quality images in real time

During summer season, visits to the gynecologist increase…

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ICU at Clínica Ricardo Palma: A renew ...

Humanizing the ICU service is a priority for the patients’ benefit


First Tumor Board at Clínica Ricardo ...

Specialists will discuss the most complex cases of breast cancer once a month

One of the most frequent problems during summer and that affects mainly to children…

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Clínica Ricardo Palma: Ode to excellence

Clínica Ricardo Palma bases its transformation on improving patients’ experience and on the constant modernization of its medical equipment …


The importance of companionship

Encouraging team spirit from a young age is essential for adulthood

If you drank too much at your party and now you are suffering with the hangover…

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Ischemic stroke

Sedentary lifestyle and poor diet have generated this condition be present … …



Learn to control migraine or headache which affects mostly women…

Cantidad de caracteres ingresados que se mostraran en la sección principal de Noticias:
NOTICIAS: 65 caracteres. …

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How to overcome first pregnancy anxiety

Do not hesitate to clarify your doubts with your doctor in every control you have


Goodbye acne!

Consider the following factors for your skin care…

Migraine is a recurrent headache that occurs at different times of life

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Seasonal Influenza

In these climate changes, learn to treat seasonal influenza


Aneurysm, What to do?

The aneurysms can be congenital or appear as a consequence of some in …

Resorting to alternative therapies, which promise cancer healing, can be very dangerous

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Midnight Visitors

There are guidelines that can help children sleep in their own bed