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­¤ General

­¤ PlanSalud Program

  • » What does "waiting period" mean?

  • » What does "exclusion period" mean?

  • » Is maternity coverage immediate?

  • » In case you require surgery, is there an exclusion period?

  • » What would happen if I am late in paying my premiums?

­¤ Outpatient visits

  • » How long is the copayment valid for?

  • » I do not have any insurance, can I be seen in the outpatient services?

  • » Can I pay my appointment one or more days before the scheduled date?

  • » Do doctors see patients with scheduled appointments only?

  • » I'd like to have another opinion. Can I get another doctor?

­¤ Emergency

­¤ Hospitalization

  • » How to manage my discharge?

­¤ Others

  • » How can I see my lab results?

  • » How can I request my medical record or medical report?

  • » What is the cost per medical record or medical report?

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