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Covid-19 Coronavirus


Clínica Ricardo Palma cares about yours and your family’s health, so we want to keep you informed about the symptoms and general prevention measures for the Coronavirus Covid-19. We also inform you that we already have the Applus + Certification; guaranteeing to be a Safe Clinic against COVID-19.


The most common symptoms of the disease are:
Cough Shortness of breath
Cough Shortness of breath
If you are in our country and have the aforementioned symptoms or suspect that you may have contracted the Coronavirus, please call the official advice lines of the Peruvian Ministry of Health at 01-411 8000 option 10



. Avoid, in case of respiratory infection, close contact with other people
Cover, your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough with your elbow flexed or with a disposable tissue .
. Cleanliness, wash hands frequently, avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth


Misinformation and prejudice against the Coronavirus generate discrimination.
Let’s face it #PreventionIsEveryone’sTask




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