PlanSalud of Clinica Ricardo Palma, in its continuous search to provide our members with excellence in comprehensive health services, has expanded the list of special benefits associated with special coverage for Outpatient Care, Hospitalization and Emergency, as it is stated in the Eleventh Clause: Special Benefits.

Below are the procedures covered at 50 per cent :

Special Benefits Nuclear Medicine


001810Special studies of nuclear medicine – D1

Code Description
1262 Neuronavigator
1263 Cusa Ultrasonic Aspirator System
1265 Atraumatic Negative Pressure Kit
1277 Pressure Therapy Equipment
1279 Polygraph Stimulator And Radio Frequency Generator
1285 Multimodal Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring Equipment
1441 Cerebral Ventricular Neuroendoscope
1443 Counterpulsation Balloon Kit
1445 Minimally Invasive Tumorectomy Equipment
121104 Reconstruction Of Cartilages And Ligaments Of The Hip Via Artorscopic
450116 Total Body External Irradiation
450117 Total Surface Irradiation
450120 Stereotaxic Surgery (From 1 To 4 Isocentres)
450121 Stereotaxic Surgery (From 4 To 8 Isocentres)
350120 Total Body Tracking With Mibi
350121 Thyrogen Application
350211 Spect Cerebral With Trodat – Tc99m
350421 Myocardial Perfusion With Mibi-Tc99m Physical Stress
350422 Myocardial Perfusion With Mibi-Tc99m Pharmacological Stress
350514 Gastric Emptying: Quantification (Solids)
350904 Therapy With Lutetium 177
001811 Special studies of nuclear medicine – D2
001812 Special studies of nuclear medicine – T1
001813 Special studies of nuclear medicine – T2


Special Benefits Radiotherapy


Code Description
450126 High Rate Image Guided Intracavitary Brachytherapy Session
450127 High Rate Interstitial Brachytherapy Session
450128 Prostate Brachytherapy Session
450129 Brain Radiosurgery (Package)
450130 Extracerebral Radiosurgery – Sbrt (Package)
450131 Magnetic Calibration

Special benefits in Radiology


Code Description
48.41.03 TAVI protocol
48.41.03 Coronary angiotomography
48.41.04 Calcium score